How I Published 12 Blog Posts in 2 Days

How I Published 12 Blog Posts in 2 Days

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What if you can launch your blog quicker?

What if you could publish 12 blog posts in 2 days?

Would you do it?

12 blog posts.

Many bloggers launch with just 3-5 blog posts. How easy would it be if you already had 12? 15? 20?

It’s a lot easier to get traffic the more content you have, and if you want fast results like me, then listen up: I’m about to show you how I created 12 blog posts in just 2 days.

Let’s begin!

I made a list of post ideas

Originally, my goal was to publish 15 posts, but burnout quickly took over so the amount ended up as only 12. Fortunately, I still count that as a win given that this blog is new, and launching with 12 posts seemed like more than enough.

The first step to getting as many posts as possible in a short amount of time was to write a list of post ideas. I already had several ideas in mind, plus I googled and searched on Pinterest to see what other posts were out there in my niche.

Post Ideas:

  1. How-to posts
  2. Lists
  3. Cheat-sheets and to-dos
  4. Reviews
  5. Controversial Posts
  6. Interviews
  7. Blog Series

Next, I looked at my list of post ideas and chose which ones to write – and which ones to write first. Since I wanted to be able to link my articles to each other for a lower bounce rate, I decided to try to create posts that can relate to each other in one way or another.

I did my research first

After writing a list of post ideas and choosing which posts to write, the next step is to do research. I either set all the research aside in my own document or had tabs open going back to. It’s important to note in this step not to copy or plagiarize any of the research.

I aimed for shorter posts

Before launching my blog, I had decided to come up with a slogan – simple, straightforward, bite-sized content – which means that I had to aim for shorter blog posts. This way I can write more content, while also still getting straight to the point.

Unfortunately, I do have 2-3 blog posts that are a bit longer, but I’m looking to break them up and make them into a blog series instead.

I outlined my posts

The next step was to outline my blog posts. This way, it’s easy to arrange the information to make the most sense before writing, and plus I find it easier for me to not write the introduction first.

I wrote my introduction last

After writing the main content, I usually write my conclusion and be sure to add a call to action before finally ending it with the introduction. I usually do this because I stare at my computer for some time trying to decide how to start writing, so this way it is easier for me. If I want to mention somewhere in the body paragraphs a point made in the introduction, I can just edit it afterward.

Other things that I did:

  • Always made sure to add a call to action in the concluding paragraph
  • Add photos, infographics, or anything else to give the blog post extra material and look pleasing
  • Go over and review, edit, and add links last.
  • Created pinterest graphics for every blog post


  1. Write a list of post ideas
  2. Do your research first
  3. Aim for shorter posts
  4. Outline your posts
  5. Write your introduction last
  6. Review, edit, add links, and photos and other material last

Do I recommend this?


  • A lot of content in a short amount of time
  • Easier to launch and get traffic with more content


  • More editing mistakes
  • Creative block
  • More problems with SEO
  • Burnout

The question is: Is it worth it to you?

My recommendation: Write 1 blog post a day starting out or wait a day and then edit your posts to avoid publishing with a lot of grammar and SEO mistakes.

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