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Are you taking guest bloggers?/Can I write for Simply Kirsty?

As of right now, if you are a blogger that wants to write on SK, or a freelance writer (experienced or not), you can request to write for SK using the form below.

However, at the time of writing this, SK is not hiring freelance writers.

My comment wasn’t approved or was deleted. Why?

If your comment wasn’t approved or deleted, it could mean many reasons.

  • You violated Simply Kirsty’s terms and were seen to be offensive, used excessive profanity, extremely negative, or other reasons.
  • I just haven’t gotten around to approving the comment yet, given that I am a busy person.
  • You were labeled as spam, possibly for commenting about your own website/product/service rather than the content itself.
  • You were asking me a question through the comment that was not about the post you were commenting on (a comment that is unrelated). If you have a question, contact me. However, I may not respond if it is seen as spam or violating the terms.
  • Your comment was not in English and/or was hard to read due to possibly poor grammar, all caps, or run-on sentences.

I’m a virtual assistant and believe I can help you with [insert work here].

At the time of writing this, SK is not accepting any virtual assistants.