Have you ever created a bucket list and told yourself that one day you’ll be able to check off each and every box?

Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed about one day traveling the world, spending more time with your family, and doing all the (expensive) things you really love doing?

Maybe you spent too much time reading success stories about people being able to earn extra money and travel, or maybe even replace their entire income online. You probably kept telling yourself that you will be a success story, too, if you just found the way to earn more money and worked your ass off.

If you felt like that, you came to the right place.

And I get it, there are lots of blogs out there talking about helping you make money and travel the world, which is why you are probably asking…

“What’s so different about Simply Kirsty?”

When I created Simply Kirsty, I kept telling myself that I needed to pick what to focus on: Making extra money or making money online.

The thing is, I couldn’t really choose.

Will that be a massive, horrible mistake? Maybe.

But then I realized that all those other blogs focus on people who most likely already have enough wiggle room to invest their money in to create a successful business, whether online or off.

But do you know how many people between the ages 18-24 search up the keyword “how to make money online”? How about between the ages of 25-34?

A lot.

And what do many of these age groups have in common?

Majority of the times, they’re…

  • Broke college kids
  • Working hourly jobs that barely pay the bills
  • Tired of living with their roommates
  • Know that if their car broke down or some other disaster happens, they are fucked.

Either way, almost all of them are broke and counting on the fact that their expensive college degrees will give them good jobs that will give them the ability to live comfortably on their own. Oh, and help pay off their crippling student debt.

Do you really want that?

I know that I don’t.

And, listen, I’m not saying to not go to college or to not get into any debt no matter what (we all have emergencies and needs), but I’m just saying… let’s pay that debt off.

Let’s check things off our bucket lists.

Let’s live.

Let’s start our lives in the right way.

And that’s what Simply Kirsty is all about: Making and saving money for new adults.

Getting this whole “adulting” thing down.

“How exactly can SK solve my financial problems?”

I’m not an accountant, and I don’t have a fancy degree in finance, so I’m not going to be helping you solve complicated problems.

I mean, maybe in the future we’ll expand, but as of now here’s how Simply Kirsty aims to solve your money woes:

  • Make money online: Creating digital products, drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, Retail arbitrage, blogging, marketing agency, virtual assistance, remote jobs, etc.
  • Making money (offline): High-paying jobs, jobs to help you travel the world, etc.
  • Making extra cash: Offline or online, SK can help you make extra cash with a side-hustle (instead of quitting your job) to help you pay the bills or save up for vacation.
  • Saving money: Because the truth is, saving money is important too.

Ready to start earning?