9 Reasons To Start A Blog

9 Reasons To Start A Blog

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If you’ve been searching Google for ways to make money from home, chances are you’ve seen “Start a Blog” as one of the best ways to earn money online.

And for good reason.

Did you know that many businesses, whether they sell services, digital, or physical products, have blogs?

Sure, their blogs may be smaller in comparison to websites that are dedicated to only being a blog platform, but there is a good reason why businesses do this: Copywriting sells.

And, if you’ve ever read any Top 10 Ways to make money online lists, you’ll see something else on there: Affiliate marketing.

It’s probably the #1 ways Bloggers make a living (besides from selling their own digital products or remote services), and although technically you don’t need a self-hosted blog to earn money from affiliate marketing (as seen in this free course here) it definitely helps.

Let me explain with a visual.

Let’s say you are scrolling through Pinterest, one of the best visual search engine platforms for bloggers and business owners, and you see two pins for the same product. Which one are you more likely to pick?

This ad for SiteGround?

Siteground: Managed WordPress Hosting. Powerful, yet simple to use.

Or this pin leading to a blog post that compares two leading hosting providers?

“Siteground vs Hostgator: Which one is better?” Example pin.

If you are like most people, you’ll click on the one that leads to the blog post.

Why? Because chances are, you are a bit hesitant on where to spend your money (Unless you are a shop-a-holic that will think about something and buy it in 5 minutes flat. *cough, cough* totally not me, though). You’ll probably be unsure whether to get hosting from one platform versus another or maybe you need to hear some personal success stories before buying an online course.

My point: Copywriting sells.

Now, I am by no means some copywriter expert, nor do I claim to be. But, I have been blogging and researching ways to make money online long enough to know that a post about a product that solves someone’s problem is far more effective than an ad.

Does that mean that the ad doesn’t work? No. Not at all. But, usually, the blog posts work better.

So, why did I give you that mini-lesson?

To show you why people recommend blogging as a way to make money online so. Damn. Much.

But if you are on the brink between choosing whether blogging is right for you and if you should go another path, allow this post to be a guiding hand. I’ll show you 8 main reasons to start a blog, and 8 main reasons not to.

Why the same number? Probably because I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to lean you toward one way versus another with a larger number. Because listen: If blogging isn’t right for you, that’s OK. There are other ways to make money online.

Let’s start off with the 9 tempting incentives that will make you want to be a blogger. This list is in no particular order.

#1: Blogging gives you a creative outlet

I’ve always found that blogging is a mixture of creativity and logic.

Yes, blogging has a lot of research, writing, organizing, and so on in the mix, but there is also art in writing, graphic designs, branding, story-telling, and marketing.

Even though a blog isn’t necessarily meant to be your online diary (anymore) and your goal is to solve your reader’s problems, you will find yourself asking this: How is my blog different and more unique than other blogs in my niche?

And that’s were a bit of creativity comes in.

#2: It enhances certain skill-sets

Blogging helps you become a better writer, for sure, but it also strengthens a lot of other skills, too. For example, you’ll learn or strengthen these skills the more you write and maintain a blog:

  • Researching
  • Persuasion
  • Note-taking
  • Learning
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Teaching
  • The organization, including your thoughts being more organized
  • Observing behaviors, interests, and basic psychology

Plus, as you write copy that sells products (affiliate marketing, digital products, physical products, or services) or copies with any call to action, you began to identify people’s desires and learn how to offer something that appeals to an audience.

#3: It opens you up to a world of opportunities…and not just work-related.

If you are successful, blogging can give you work-related opportunities such as freelance work, more clients for coaching, consulting, virtual assisting, or even working with other bloggers, authors, sponsors, businesses, and more.

But, let’s not forget that blogging can also give you non-work-related opportunities:

  • Travel
  • Freedom
  • More time with family and friends
  • Meet new people

And as a blogger, you’ll always be looking for new content and stories to tell, which means that you will always be learning and trying new things.

#4: You can establish your authority

You can establish your authority in a particular niche, even if you don’t really consider yourself an “expert”.

You can be the “go-to” person that people go to when faced with a certain problem – and how cool is that?

This makes selling digital products like ebooks and courses, as well as services a lot easier because you’ve already established authority and trust.

Plus, as you become the “go-to” person in a particular niche, you can easily rank high in Google searches and eventually get all your traffic from search engines and social media without having to spend money on advertising.

#5: You can help other people

Maybe your goal is to help people by teaching them about the basics of finance, or maybe it’s simply to entertain them. Either way, you’re solving a problem – and you’re helping people along the way.

In some cases, you may even be giving someone else inspiration to change their life for the better. You can be a role model, and I personally find that awesome.

#6: You will attract an audience

Let me be a bit more clear: You can attract an engaged audience. A community of like-minded individuals that trust you and believe in you. You can be an influencer that both provides support and receives it.

For many people, that’s a dream come true.

#7: You will start living

Remember how I said that you’ll be looking for content for your blog all the time?

When it comes to writing, you tend to get inspiration and good writing from two things: story-telling and learning.

You’ll be learning new things constantly – things you actually like to learn about – but you’ll also be going after new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone because honestly, your readers would rather read a blog post about “How my trip to Italy taught me 10 valuable lessons for travel writers” versus a blog post about “10 valuable lessons for travel writers”.

Does it mean that the second blog post isn’t good? No, but people do like to read your own personal experience about being in a (minor) car accident abroad (true story) versus a list of advice thrown together in a post.

#8: You can expand your business…and your brand

You see bloggers earning money with affiliate marketing or ads, but you don’t have to only do that forever.

You can expand your business by selling physical products, digital products, or services. You can do private labeling or even create a physical product tailored to your reader’s needs.

You can even expand your brand. Maybe you started by teaching guitar lessons but then expanded to also teaching piano lessons and other instruments, ultimately selling more products and services, as well.

#9: Did I mention the financial potential?

What exactly do I mean by “potential”?

With blogging, you have a variety of ways that you can make money – from affiliate marketing and ad space to your own products/services and sponsorships.

And the more streams of revenue you create, the more money you can make.

Not that the money should be the only reason why you should blog, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Still with me?

If you think those 9 reasons to start a blog was awesome, don’t forget to check out these 9 off-putting reasons to not start a blog, then weigh your pros and cons from there.

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