66 Bucket List Ideas (For Side-Hustle Motivation)

66 Bucket List Ideas (For Side-Hustle Motivation)

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I am a big fan of bucket lists.

While some people like to create bucket lists and say the typical, “One day”‘s, I’m the type of person that says, “I have a freakin’ plan to scratch these little shit’s off”. I don’t do things for no reason (OK, I try not to, at least).

If I make a bucket list, it’s for real.

And you should be doing that, too.

Make money.

Save money.

Follow your dreams.

Live, for F**s sake.

Because “Adulting” doesn’t just mean work until you die.

So, let’s make these bucket lists!

And don’t worry, from travel destinations to milestones, I got you covered.


Credit: My own photo

  1. Albania
  2. Italy
  3. Turkey
  4. Ukraine
  5. Japan
  6. Indonesia
  7. Vietnam
  8. Cambodia
  9. Columbia
  10. Amsterdam
  11. India
  12. China
  13. Korea
  14. Paris
  15. Peru
  16. California
  17. Bora Bora
  18. Tahiti
  19. New York
  20. The British Virgin Islands
  21. Costa Rica
  22. New Zealand
  23. London
  24. Phuket
  25. Barcelona
  26. Grand Canyon
  27. Maldives
  28. Greece
  29. Prague
  30. Great Barrier Reef
  31. Niagra Falls

Things to Do:

Photo by Kamil Pietrzak on Unsplash

  1. Ride horses on the beach
  2. Bungee jumping
  3. Skydiving
  4. Scuba diving certification
  5. Scuba diving
  6. Visit an elephant sanctuary
  7. Be in a live TV audience
  8. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  9. Abseil down a waterfall
  10. Indoor skydiving
  11. Swim with elephants
  12. Swim with sharks
  13. Parasail
  14. Paintball
  15. Escape room
  16. Bathe an elephant
  17. Hike up a volcano
  18. Zipline
  19. Catch a wave surfing
  20. Blow Glass
  21. Get published traditionally
  22. Self-publish ebooks

Relationships and Milestones

Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

  1. Have a photography day with future children
  2. Get married
  3. Adopt a child
  4. Adopt a dog/cat
  5. Own a fox
  6. Own horses/cows/chickens/a ranch
  7. Go on a blind date
  8. Go Speed-Dating
  9. Attend a same-sex wedding
  10. Attend my own high school reunion
  11. Meet someone famous
  12. Bar karaoke duet
  13. Be a bridesmaid

It’s time to scratch things off your bucket list.

What’s next for you?

Can’t pay? Don’t worry.

We got you covered.

Get access to our free “ways to make money” guide now.

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