6 Things No One Tells You About Blogging

6 Things No One Tells You About Blogging

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When I first started out writing my Spirituality/Lifestyle blog, I was stressed.

I thought I knew what the bloggers weren’t telling me.

I knew it was going to be hard. I knew how much work it was going to be.

Yet apparently, I didn’t.

Not until I really took my blog as a business (even though I thought I was).

So, here’s to you, bloggers: 6 tips bloggers never tell you.

Broad Vs Niching Down: Should you write about your passion?

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Whether you have a broad or niche-down subject really depends on how you plan to make money.

If you are selling higher-priced items, courses, digital products, or services…then you can niche-down and make a pretty good income.

However, if your income mostly depends on selling ad space from Google Adsense, Mediavine, or the other various ad companies, then you most likely need to choose a broad niche.

It also depends on what promotion method you use.

For example, Pinterest is better for certain blogs (making money, mommy blogs, DIY, etc) while Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram may be better for others.

Plus, Instagram can be hard to get traffic to your site given that links can only be posted in the user’s bio.

You are everything…the CEO, the janitor…EVERYTHING

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Blogging is hard, consistent, work.

There’s a lot that needs to be done.





And the worst part?

You have to do it all.

Unless you have a higher-budget, which…good for you (not jealous at all) – but for most bloggers that start off, they already spent most of their budget money on their hosting and domain name.

In order to succeed, you really need to learn all of these things. Especially content and marketing.

It’s hard…yet simple. Let me explain.

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When I first started writing my Spirituality/Lifestyle blog, I was…overwhelmed, to say the least.

I was doing everything that the bloggers were telling me too: Setting up social media accounts, getting my Pinterest account SEO-friendly, setting up email marketing, writing more content, etc.

Except, I wasn’t entirely sure what to focus on.

Was I supposed to do it all? On a small budget?

I could only afford one ad a month, or two at most, and it was definitely a gamble – one that was worth taking, at least.

However, then I realized something.


Keep it simple, stupid.

So I focused on one social media (and search engine) site – Pinterest.

I focused on two things which were most important to me: Traffic and email subscribers, email subscribers being my most concerned. Especially since my Lifestyle blog was actually very niched down, which meant I could earn more money by selling digital products.

Plus, I may be planning an email marketing case study (shh – you’ll see the results, soon).

Truth is, depending on your answer – “broad” or “niche down”? – really depends what you need to focus on.

Blogging while working full-time?

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Every time I hear how a blogger made x amount of money while working full-time, I scoff.

Because I know that it’s because they invested in their blog – like they should – but the whole, “and you can too, with little money” part is really what makes me scoff.

Because a full-time mom working on a blog? Automation is always included.

And it is.

All. The. Time.

But when you are poor as crap and desperate for a side-hustle to work?

That “you can too” doesn’t always help.

Not if you don’t have money to invest.

I’m cursing at my shopaholic-ism right now.

The expenses add up.

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Other automation tools.



It all adds up.

It’s worth it…usually.

But it adds up. Fast.

It’s a series of ups and downs…

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I see a lot of blogging success stories and income reports, and while they are great and definitely motivate me in my blogging journey, sometimes bloggers don’t talk about the really bad series of ups and downs.

Like, how the fact that they sat in front of the computer crying because they think they wasted $300 investing in their blog that just isn’t working.

But it’s also worth it.

However, with all that I said, I can definitely say this: It’s worth it.

It’s rewarding – in more ways than one.

My advice?

Push through. Don’t worry – you’ll get there.

Speaking of…Want my free “Ways to make money” guide? Get access now!

Are you a blogger? Tell me about your journey by commenting below!

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