5 Essentials You Should Always Pack

5 Essentials You Should Always Pack

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Imagine this.

You’re traveling to this amazing, beautiful new place and life is awesome.

Then you realize you forgot something.

Or maybe more than one thing.

How could I forget? You ask yourself…

That was 19-year-old me back when I was traveling in Europe.

Don’t be 19-year-old me.

Instead, be better with these 5 essential things you should always pack.

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A Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet To Hold…everything.

Zoppen Mulit-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet (Ver.4) Tri-fold Document Organizer Holder, Baby Green

If you are going to travel anywhere, store your money, ticket, and even passport in this stylish, tri-fold wallet organizer.

“The quality and durability of this travel wallet is undeniable; very sturdy to the touch and totally stylish,” says Moni, a verified purchaser of this amazing, chic multi-purpose organizer. 

“I like the way this wallet is organized,” another verified purchaser adds, “It opens up flat and you can [get] exactly what you need for easy retrieval”.

Plus, you can even fit your phone inside it and still snap it shut.

Price: $12.99

Powerful Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics…because sh*t happens.

The last thing you want when traveling and eating new foods is to deal with digestive problems.

Talk about plans being ruined.

“Since taking them…I haven’t had the gas and bloat build up I typically deal with.” Says one customer, who even goes on to recommend these powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics for those who struggle with IBS or autoimmune issues.

Add on travel anxiety and trying foreign foods and you got two added triggers to a multitude of digestive issues. 

Except you’ll be prepared – right?

Price: $23.31

Entertainment for In-Flight or Long Road Trips

Whether you’re going on a long flight or a road trip, you can’t forget your entertainment.

This all-new Fire HD10 Tablet has got you covered for perfect on-the-go reading or audiobooks to listen to with a large library of ebooks at your disposal.

Or, you can even download the Netflix app and binge-watch the next season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Plus, you can even get Alexa built in – and who doesn’t like Alexa?

Price: $149.99

A Portable Charger…So You Never Freak-Out Like I Do

My phone is notorious for dying faster than everyone else’s (at least, it was until it broke 😠), and the worst thing ever is when you are stuck in a foreign place with no useable phone.

Yeah, I tend to do all the dumb stuff people warn you about.

Like how I’m warning you right now.

So take it from me, whose dealt with being in a foreign country without a phone or been in a car crash with a dead phone, get a portable charger.


Price: $17.99

This Essential Medicine Travel Pack

Last year when I went to Italy, I was foolish enough to only bring a small amount of medicine in my luggage. One that didn’t include things like motion sickness, cold and flue medicine, or even medicine for cramps. 

What sucked even more was that I was on a study abroad trip, making it difficult to get away from class to finally go to the Pharmacy to get medicine…which I forgot to grab, by the way. #ShinyObjectSyndrome. 

So, don’t be like me. Get this pack of 12 different travel medications in 1 box, Pharmacist-approved.

Price: $12.88

Bottom Line

Did I miss anything? Don’t forget to share in the comments below.

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